Minutes March 2014


Summary of the Minutes of the Chess Edinburgh Council Meeting held at 19.30 at the Original Hotel, ROSLIN, Midlothian on 10th March 2014


Bill Marshall (Chair), Terry Purkins, David Marshall, Iain Hope, Chris Donkin, Eddie Gillespie, Jim Wallace, Martin Robinson, Gerry Brown, Bill Platts (on behalf of David Taylor) and David Stewart.

1. Apologies for Absence

David Taylor and Angus Ruthven.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the Last Meeting held on Monday 25th November 2013 were accepted.

3. Matters Arising

Item 5 (Edinburgh Allegro Chess League): the League Secretary had explored without success the possibility of fielding a hybrid team to fulfil the Ability Centre Arrows fixtures with graded friendlies. Teams due to play Ability Centre Arrows were awarded a bye.

4. Edinburgh Chess League

Defaults were up on last season with a total of 40 so far, broken down as follows: 3 in the Premier League, 3 in Division One, 13 in Division Two (including a match default) and 21 in Division 3. Some scorecards had not been returned.
The League Secretary reported a player being registered by email at 5.20 pm on the day of the match and commented that this was not ideal. The Council agreed that although the League Secretary had just enough time to confirm the registration, clubs should be advised that they should give the League Secretary more time to confirm registrations.
First place in all divisions of the ECL has been decided: Edinburgh I has won the Premier Division, Badgers Brook 1 has won Division 1, Badgers Brook 2 has won Division 2 and University 2 has won Division 3.


Clubs to be reminded that any addition to their squads is not registered until the League Secretary has confirmed such additions.

5. Edinburgh Allegro Chess League

The EACL is almost completed. Ability Centre Arrows did not turn up for the second night of play and subsequently withdrew. The EACL is progressing well and results and tables are available on the Chess Edinburgh website. With one round to go, one of three teams could win the EACL.

6. Lothians Congress

The Congress took place on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September 2013. Because of operational problems the Tournament Director recommended the 2014 Lothians Congress be held at a different venue. The Council is considering this - for the Lothians Congress and the Lothians Allegro.

7. Summer Cup/Plate

Entry forms for the 2014 event will issued soon. The deadline for entries is 7th April 2014. This competition has free entry for Member Clubs.

8. Edinburgh Chess Congress

Preparations are well in hand. To date 25 entries have been received, which is the norm at this stage of proceedings. Chess & Bridge of London will provide a bookstall.

9. Lothians Allegro

The entry was 133 players (21 in the Open, 26 in the Challengers, 46 in the Major and 40 in the Minor). The number of entrants was slightly down on last year’s record entry but still represents good support for the event. The venue, WHEC, in the opinion of the TD was just right for a tournament of this type.

10. Primary & Secondary Schools

The Primary Schools Representative, Bill Platts, substituted for Dave Taylor. In his absence, DT provided a report via email as follows:
“We (Lothian Junior Chess) append below a report on our 2 events since mid November.

Wester Hailes Junior Open (Nov 2013)

35 took part in the P5&U comp (12 in the previous year). 34 took part in the Open section for under14s. Of the 34, 10 were J12 or older. Whilst this is a very welcome increase for an event whose future was in doubt, the increase was entirely due to local players and the number outwith Lothian was again barely a handful.

League Day 2(26/1/14)

Sciennes won the P6/7A league, with newcomers Towerbank winning the B league. Sciennes also won the P5&U A league with relative newcomers, Flora Stevenson taking the B league. All told 18 teams (of 4) took part (16 in the previous year). Full results are on both the CS and our own website.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are the Lothian Individual (2/3/14) & League day 3(23/3/14). We will also be running the East of Scotland Megafinals of the Mike Basman UK wide individual competition on 27/4.”
It was noted that the recent upward trend in participation may be difficult to sustain because from now on Junior events will be charged grading fees which will be passed on to entry fees and may have an adverse effect. It was agreed that the Council should consider meeting the cost of grading fees for Junior events in Lothian. The Council may be able to help with the purchase of pairing cards and with other costs incurred by Lothian Junior Chess. It was agreed that the Council needed a ‘proposal for funding’ so it could consider what support it could give. Such a proposal will be considered at the next Council Meeting.

11. Website

Results and tables for both the Edinburgh Chess League and the Edinburgh Allegro Chess League are on the Chess Edinburgh website. It was reported that the website is now receiving less spam.

12. General Secretary

The General Secretary noted that two notable ex Council Members, Alastair Girvan and Gordon Davies, had passed away recently. The meeting recorded its condolences.

13. Treasurer

The Treasurer (EG) tabled a paper showing estimated turnover and costs for 2013-14. This showed a turnover of approximately £1500 per annum with estimated operating costs of approximately £1500. This estimate confirms the Council’s aim to work on a break-even basis. The Council’s reserves were approximately £3600.

14. Composition of the League for 2014-15

After some discussion it was decided to revisit this issue at the next Council Meeting, then agree a proposal to be tabled at the AGM in May 2014.

15. AOCB

A Council Member proposed changing the time limits for league matches next season. This will be discussed further at the next Council Meeting in April 2014.

16. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at the Original Hotel in Roslin.
The meeting closed at 21.45.

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