Minutes March 2015


Present: Bill Marshall (Chairman), Jim Crawford, Eddie Gillespie, Calum McGillivray, Martin Robinson, David Stewart, Dave Taylor & Jim Wallace.

1. Apologies

Robert Crawford & Graham Kerr

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

It was noted that this took place on 29 January 2015 not as stated. A correction was made re item 10.

3. Matters Arising

Item 11. WM would add the guidelines for play off matches in the ECL to the rules section of the website.
On the related matter of 'conflict of interest', he read a statement which met with general approval from those present. However, he undertook to reword the reference to 'representatives of clubs' since clubs were only so represented at the AGM, Council members themselves being solely charged with carrying out the work of the Council.
This statement would then be added to the website as per 'guidelines for Play Offs'
Item 12. WM would also add 'Guidelines for New Clubs' to the website.
Item 17. DS advised that Dunbar Chess Club had not formalised anything as yet.

4. Edinburgh Chess League

CM reported that some league champions had already been determined. Council commended CM for a sterling effort in his first season at the helm.

5. Allegro League

JW reported that with 1 round still to play the winner had yet to be determined.

6. Lothians Allegro

MR circulated a report alongside a financial staement. Despite forecasts of bad weather reducing the attendance, a profit of 34 had been made.

7. Summer Cup and Plate Competitions

CM reported that entries had been sent to Club Secretaries for a 13 April 2015 start.

8. Edinburgh Chess Congress

DS reported several entries from the Netherlands. There followed some discussion as to how to raise the profile of the event in Continental Europe, possibly by emphasising the attractions of Edinburgh. DS asked for help in setting up on Friday 16 April 2015.

9. Lothian's Congress

JC intimated that he was unwilling to be the Director in September. MR agreed to take charge, but would relinquish his job as Director of the January 2016 Allegro. He would book WHEC for 26 September 2015 subject to checking that the date did not clash with the Durham Congress.

10. Primary & Secondary Schools

DT reported that the Lothian Individual Championships had been held on 8 February 2015, there were 57 entrants, the same number as last year. This included just enough to run a Secondary School section. Lukah Sams won the Secondary, James Hartman the 'Norman Jones Shield' for P6/7 and Chelsea Liang the 'Douglas Anderson Shield' for P5 & Under.
He added a note of caution to recent optimistic reports, noting that some schools, even having secured coaching from Chess Edinburgh players, were often reduced to trying to coach during lunchtime to a continually changing population.
The final league day was fixed for 8 March 2015.

11. New Clubs

see item (12) under matters arising.

12. Website

WM had nothing to report.

13. President

WM reported that Robert Crawford had resigned due to work pressure. He then intimated that he would be standing down at the May AGM. DS's continued membership was currently in doubt. Discussion then followed with regard to ways of coping in 2015/16 given the exodus two of whom were very experienced and long standing members. It was agreed that if vacancies on the Council could not be filled, then club secretaries would be asked to send one rep to each Council meeting. It was noted that the continuation of the two Open congresses and allegro were in jeopardy.

14. Treasurer

EG reported that despite a small loss, the overall position was sound and thus he would not be recommending any change to the league entry fees.

15. AOCB

CM intimated that he was still working on proposals for an Individual Knock Out Tournament. (Other issues raised here have been covered under matters arising.)

16. Next meeting

Subject to confirmation by CM, this would be at 1930 on 23 April 2015 at the Edinburgh Chess Club.

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